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Creating model and modeling

Creating models is necessary for investment and construction organizations, for the work process of architects and designers, to attract buyers, for exhibitions and presentations. It is very often necessary to make model for educational institutions. With the use of models that we create, the process of teaching pupils, students and course participants is more interesting and lively, and the new information obtained with the visualization of the subject of study is better absorbed.

We accept orders for the modeling of any desired objects, items and equipment. These can be buildings, landscape, houses with the surrounding landscape and variety of equipment. We can also produce any existing mechanisms with light and sound design.

We can offer you the execution of the models of different complexity: from the simplest to the most complex, with high precision execution of small parts, using the most modern materials. We will help you to create a model at a price that will suit both parties.

If you need a model, we will be happy to undertake the implementation of any of your orders. The model made in our workshop will emphasize the individuality of your company and will serve as the best advertising, highlighting you among competitors and attract more interested persons and organizations to you. With the help of the model you will be able to present your company at the exhibition or presentation very profitably.

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