Why us - "Velesart” Model Studio

Мастерская макетной студии Velesart
The latest equipment

The latest equipment: machines, printer, plotter and tools.

The dimensions of the workshop

The dimensions of the workshop 200 sq. m. allows to fulfill up to 10 models simultaneously.

Free delivery with insurance

Free delivery with insurance in Russia.

Location: Saint Petersburg

Our workshop is located in St. Petersburg, at: No.9, Masterskaya street

What distinguishes us from other workshops

100% match with the original

Our model bureau works with accurate drawings or 3D models. All specialists have architectural education, so their attention to details is at the highest level.

Real object

Real object



Maximum detailing

Our team consists of masters with art education, who always follow the aesthetic component of the model, so that the bricks are three-dimensional, and bushes and trees are of different varieties. Our model workshop is a living organism in which work is constantly humming, and the atmosphere is imbued with creativity.


Minimum detailing


Maximum detailing

Ideal quality

Manufacturers of models for each type of materials use their own suitable type of glue, and we use materials of German quality - Vekaplan plastic, and sprinkles and grass - of the Noch company.




Ideal quality

Mechanics and interactive features

Our electrical engineers have extensive experience in creating complex mechanical models, such as a model that shows clearly the entire cycle of oil production in motion, as well as a large model with moving trains and cars.


Without mechanics and interactive


Mechanics and interactive

Own full production cycle in our workshop:

Own full production cycle in our workshop:
Process of making model of SDPP-2 for RusHydro Cutting of PVC building facade on Roland EGX-600 milling machine

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