Residential Compex St.Pete - photo

Residential Compex "St.Pete"

Task.    To increase sales of the residential complex under construction with the adjacent territory, it is necessary to make a model – the exact copy of the future RC. The model will be exhibited at the entrance to one of the shopping centers owned by the construction company, with a large flow of visitors.
Project information. Size: 2450h2150mm. Scale-1: 100. Production time: 2 months.
Additional option. Dynamic lighting of the house (imitation of real presence of residents), lighting of the territory of the house, protective cap, wooden transportation box, pedestal with illumination of logos on both sides.
Model of residential complex
Model on the breadboard with logos
Residential complex with adjacent territory
Illuminated model of residential complex
Parking complex on the model
Model in the trading center
Illumination of cupboard and model
Parking roof garden
Model of residential complex
Basketball court of residential complex on the model
Sports ground in the territory of RC model
Model recreation zone
Children’s playgrounds
Children’s playground improvement
Entrance into the RC territory
RC sports ground
Upper floors and roof of dummy house
Entrance of dummy residential house
Landscaping of adjacent territory
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