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Landscape models

Landscape models give an idea of the terrain and all natural and artificial objects located on it: hills, plains, ponds, green spaces, buildings and structures. Landscape model can be a textbook, office decoration or museum exhibit. With it, you can advertise a selling object or recreation area.

The production of landscape models is a responsible and complex work that requires great creative potential of performers.

Creation of the area model can be necessary when you need to get acquainted with the land to be purchased or to show buyers how the house will look in the surrounding landscape. In addition, it is always more pleasant to look at the model of the building surrounded by trees, bushes, roads and rivers.

Landscape modeling will allow to make all objects of the area according to photos or according to project documentation with the specified sizes of details. Making models of trees and bushes is laborious work and requires certain skills when modeling the landscape. But for our experienced professionals the performance of this work will not be difficult.

Also, we make models of mountains, land, maps and many others.

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