Making models in "Velesart" Company

Model making

Making models is the main direction of the "Velesart" Model Workshop.
Our company performs any orders with respect of complexity: from making the model of the house to the development and introduction of the complex of buildings and constructions.

Types of models developed by the workshop employees:

"Velesart" Company is ready to offer you the production of any models of the equipment or facilities, including military equipment and railway cars and trains of different sizes and scales - from budget to exclusive ones with moving mechanical parts and lighting, designed for serious budget.

Basic parts of the model

The model, whether it is a building, a house, a cottage settlement or a landscape model, goes through several stages of creation and assembly and consists of several main parts inherent in all products.

What parts does the model made in “Velesart” Workshop consist of:

  • durable decorative pedestal;
  • high-quality materials from Germany;
  • decorative lighting inside and outside the building;
  • protective cap made of Plexiglas;
  • pedestal with your company logo;
  • reliable box for transportation of models.

Choose a complete set of the model for your purposes and budget:


The products made by our company undergo a thorough quality control at all stages of the production process. Only the models that do not have errors and defects are sent to the client for approval. Approved models are placed in a single repository of company reference models for use in future orders.

Products of dubious quality are rejected before they get to the stage of personalization. The finished products are carefully packed for safe transportation to the customer.

We guarantee you quality, and you, in turn, will be able to get all the advantages of high-quality, efficient, convenient, adequate and flexible service provided by our workshop on making the models!

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