Velesart Model Workshop

“Velesart” Model Workshop

That is why our workshop has already been chosen by more than 400 companies for 8 years:



You will be 100% sure of the quality of our work, after you see at least 1-2 ready-made models in our workshop at any time. Come to us!



We will make your model beautiful, and exactly in accordance with the task, for this we are ready to make a free sample of your future model.



You will save 20% on the production of the model at least, due to our discounts on materials in the 15 largest stores of suppliers.

Right on time

Right on time

Your model will definitely be at the exhibition on the right day, due to the fact that we can always speed up the work, thanks to the staff of professional model makers of 15 people.

We make the following models:
Residential complex
Equipment models
Landscape models

Choose a complete set of the layout for your goals and budget:


Some feedback from our customers:


See the work


See the work
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Velesart Model Workshop is the manufacture of models of any complexity at the right time in St.Petersburg.

We make high-quality architectural models of any complexity in the shortest possible time. We offer only the best for our clients:

1. Speed and professionalism

– We offer weekly photo and video reports of the development process of your model in our model workshop, which will allow you to control all stages of production;
– Our workshop is located in St. Petersburg.
– Specialists of our company are professional model makers with experience in this field for more than 20 years(!);
– Making models is carried out using the latest laser and milling equipment.

2. High level of trust

– Large companies have already chosen our model workshop as developers of their models: about 80% of all orders are in St. Petersburg, and the remaining 20% are in other cities of Russia;
– We are looking for an individual approach to the development of your model, we accompany it to the exhibition, we deliver and install it on the stand, we provide professional lighting;
– All structural elements in the model are displayed with as much detalization as possible.

3. Competent economic policy of our model workshop

– You, as a client of our workshop will always be offered only the best prices;
– A flexible system of discounts is provided for you, and there are special conditions for our regular customers.

If you decide to work with professionals, and you need a first-class architectural model, call by phone in St. Petersburg +7 (812) 934-47-43, ask questions, order the best models!
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No exact drawings?

No problem!

Get accurate 3d sample of your future model just from $150 after 2 days.

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