Making maquettes and models of ships and yachts

Making models of warships, civil vessels of various applications is one of the directions of the "Velesart" Model Workshop.

Employees of the company will create models of ships that will be a great gift, as well as the most complex yachts, brigantine, military and sailing ships with customized with a detailed drawing. These may be miniature copies of real ships and historical ships, which played a role in the events of the country and the world, as well as still in use in other countries.

What distinguishes our models of ships and yachts?

Maximum detalization and exact copy of historical and modern ships. Interactive elements. Ship on waves.

Models of military and civil vessels made in the workshop:

  1. Yachts. Brigantines.
  2. Sailboats.
  3. Icebreakers.
  4. Cruise liners.
  5. Container ships.
  6. Tankers.
  7. Fighting submarines.
  8. Missile-Carrying ships.
  9. Landing crafts.
  10. Frigates, corvettes and many other.

The specialists of our company, with extensive experience behind and high-precision equipment, made a large number of models, including sailboats, which are the masterpieces of model art. You can see some of them in the portfolio section.

Making the models of sailboats

Sailing ships are the separate topic of models that are popular and in demand for the interior of the premises.

Models of sailing yachts and brigantine are ordered for collections, presented as a luxurious gift to friends and business partners, used in exhibitions, at presentations and in state museums.

Sailing ships in the house, in the decoration of the home is the perfect mascot that will bring you profits and prosperity in the family. Once upon a time the appearance of a sailing ship on the horizon foreshadowed a good profit for those who saw it. After all, there was a lot of money and goods on the ship board.

Hurry up to lure good luck to your harbor, order a model of a sailing ship in our company!

Price of ships and yachts models

Detalization Term Cost Detalization examples
Low from 3 days from $500 ships and yachts models
Mean from 5 days from $900
High from 7 days from $1000

It should be understood that the cost of ship or yacht models depends on many factors, such as:

  1. Urgency.
  2. Detalization.
  3. Size and Scale.
  4. Availability of interactive features: lighting and mechanical movements.

Production time

Usually, if the ship or vessel is half a meter long, the production time is 1-2 weeks (depends on the details). If the model is 1 meter on the long side, then the average production time is 1 month.

IMPORTANT. If necessary, we are ready and able to work in emergency mode, 24 hours a day, as well as with the participation of up to 20 specialists for the project, thus reducing the production time by 2-3 times. This means that you can be sure that your project will be ready on time or even earlier without loss of quality.

How to order ships and yacht models?

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Clients opinion

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