Working models with mechanics are the show-exclusives at any exhibition

Our model workshop offers the production of any mechanical movements on the models, which is guaranteed to cause great interest among visitors to the exhibition/presentation, or in your office/Sales Department. It allows you to visually present your technology, without further ado.

The samples of our working models

A ship floating on real water. Automation of the ship movement.

The movement of the train on the model, the planned stop in the required places, any other necessary features.

Movement of machines on the model on certain trajectories. Stop at traffic lights, running lights, travel through the barrier and many other features.

Movement of buckets on the model of the combine.

Simulation of smoke from the chimneys of the power station.

Operation of fans in AGO systems with illumination from the inside for a more noticeable effect of the blades movement.

Spectacular start-up of the LNG plant using dynamic lighting.

Vibration of elements on the model, as well as the possibility to set the heating of certain elements of the model.

Simulation of the refueling of the ship with LNG.

This is only a small part of our capabilities.

Production time

Usually, the models with mechanics require careful thinking and design from scratch, as each model is different. The minimum term of creation is 1 month. If necessary, we provide maintenance / support, both directly at the exhibition / presentation and post-warranty service.

IMPORTANT. If necessary, we are ready and able to work in emergency mode, 24 hours a day, as well as with the participation of up to 20 specialists for the project, thus reducing the production time by 2-3 times. This means that you can be sure that your project will be ready on time or even earlier without loss of quality.

How to order working models with mechanics?

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Delivery of mechanized models

Delivery of mechanized models requires a lot of experience. We know how to delicately and reliably pack and deliver working models with mechanics. If necessary, our experts go and carry out installation anywhere in Russia and the world.

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