Our team

Victor Andreev, head of the workshop

Victor Andreev

head of the workshop

Evgeniy Andreev, head of the workshop

Evgeniy Andreev

head of the workshop

Yuliana Gurova, head of production

Yuliana Gurova

head of production

Alisa Neshina, head of Sales Department

Alisa Neshina

head of Sales Department

Ilya Shvetsov, model maker-miller

Ilya Shvetsov

model maker-miller

Daria Ustyuzhanina, model maker designer

Daria Ustyuzhanina

model maker designer

Georgiy Chmigal, model maker

Georgiy Chmigal

model maker

Ivan Mochalov, model maker-miller

Ivan Mochalov

model maker-miller

Vitaliy Okhotkin, model maker-miller

Vitaliy Okhotkin

model maker-miller

Евгений Кравцов, model maker-miller

Evgeniy Kravtsov

model maker-miller

Alina Akmalova, model maker-artist

Alina Akmalova

model maker-artist

Sofia Furega, model maker-artist

Sofia Furega

model maker-artist

Alina Grekhova, model maker-artist

Alina Grekhova

model maker-artist

Olga Kamyshnikova, designer

Olga Kamyshnikova


Artem Dudnikov, model maker - designer

Artem Dudnikov

model maker - designer

Emil Zaripov, model maker

Emil Zaripov

model maker

Lasha Kantaria, 3d visualizer

Lasha Kantaria

3d visualizer

Andrey Seliverstov, electrical engineer

Andrey Seliverstov

electrical engineer

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