Warranties and Certificates

Our workshop provides a 1 year warranty for all our models and additional equipment.

We guarantee that the model will retain its original appearance for the entire period of its use, subject to some important operating rules, such as:

  • the model should always be under a protective transparent cover that protects against mechanical damage and dust.
  • when transporting the model should be in a special box, upholstered inside with the foam on all sides, with the designations: top, do not wet, fragile.
  • avoid mechanical damage to the model and its additional equipment.
  • avoid exposure to direct sunlight and water.
  • operate the model only indoors.
  • for models with electrics and mechanics do not allow the supply voltage of more than 220V.
Certificates of conformity

Certificates of conformity

Our workshop received the Certificate of Conformity to the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (150 9001:2015) "Quality Management Systems. Requirements", which indicates a high standard of quality of our products and materials used.

Certificates of conformity Certificates of conformity Certificates of conformity Certificates of conformity
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