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Making industrial models

We are engaged not only in architectural and landscape modeling, but also perfectly cope with the production of industrial models.

We carry out the production of models by photos, sketches and using technical documentation to create the most accurate large-scale copy of the industrial design.

We will make models of plants with the display of shops and sites in the territory of the enterprise. The models can be both static and active, demonstrating the technological process of production.

We make the model of the aircraft. Using photographs and technical specifications, we will create an exact scale sample of the most complex aircraft model.

For us it is easy job to build a model of the ship, demonstrating the work of mechanisms with lighting and sound signals.

We make models of ships that will have a complete resemblance to the original, thanks to the reproduction of the smallest details.

For exhibitions, museums, collectors and as a gift we make a model of rockets, military equipment and small arms. The model of any rocket will exactly match the original, as the manufacture involved people who know this machinery.

We also make the models of airports, farms, nuclear power plants, industries, enterprises, roads and many others.

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